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Water Soluble Fragrance Oil

Water Soluble Fragrance Oil

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We are excited to share our new line of water soluble fragrance oils that keep our nail salon smelling great day after day!

We have created this special brand product because we wanted to share with all of our customers the experience, relax and enjoy the rich aroma of our specially formulated Re:Nu Water Soluble Fragrance oils for an enhanced nail salon experience.

Our water soluble oils not only give of hours of pleasant fragrance throughout the day, it can also be used for other applications as well.

Because our water soluble oils can be mixed with water, it leaves less oil residues compared to other brands.

We have 16 different scents to choose from and 2 different sizes

Our water soluble oils can be used in

* Shampoos

* Bath Gels, Foams, Mousses, salts

* Body washes and shower gels

* Facial Cleaners of all types

* Liquid Soaps

* Vaporizer Machines

* Nebulizer/Atomizer Diffuser

* Scent Machines

* Linen Sprays and Floral Waters

All of our bottles are enclosed with euro droppers for easy use.

For typical use: you can start from 5 to 10 drops for light scent.

However, depending on the size of the room, machine, or spray bottle containers you will need to adjust the amount of drops to your preference for more stronger scent.

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The Re:Nu water soluble fragrance oils are specially formulated to be mixed with water to be used with selected aroma fragrance diffuser for your room, office, bathing, fragrance sprays.